The tale of a city

The discovery of the eastern fortress of the New Kingdom military town of Tharo in North Sinai charts the military quarters used by the ancient Egyptian to protect Egypt’s northeast border, says Nevine El-ArefThe fortified city of Qantara East (Sharq) in North Sinai is often hailed by historians as Egypt’s eastern gateway to the Nile Delta. Its chequered history is a reminder of several military clashes from Pharaonic times to the early 1970s.During the ancient Egyptian era, Qantara East was the stage of several battles, among the most important of which were fought and won by Ahmose I in his war of liberation against the Hyksos, Seti I in his military campaigns against the rebels in Sinai and Canaan, and Ramses II in his war against the Hittites.

In modern times Qantara East was the site of numerous battles between the Allies and the Turks during World War I, as well as being the main base of the Australian Light Horse operations in Sinai from 1916 until the final demobilisation in 1920

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