Ex Ministers Hawass and Farouk make false allegation regarding “American book and Jews”


On the front page of the Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram of April 12, 2012, ex-Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass, and ex-Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni have made the following false assertions:

1.) That I am a ‘Jew’ and that I was born from ‘Belgian Jewish’ parents in Alexandria.

2.) That the book I have written with Egyptian author Ahmed Osman, Breaking the Mirror of Heaven, is an “American book that attributes Egyptian civilization to the Jews”.

3.) That I met ex-Minsiter Farouk Hosni to give him a DVD/video about this alleged theory.


I Robert Bauval hereby confirm:

1.)  That I was born and baptised a Christian in 1948 in Alexandria. My father (Gaston Bauval) and my mother (Yvonne Gatt) were born and baptised Christians in Alexandria in 1905 and 1915 respectively. (they are both resting in the Latin Christian Cemetry in Alexandria). See certificates below.

2.)  The book ‘Breaking the Mirror of Heaven’ DOES NOT attribute Egyptian civilization to the Jews. A statement confirming this will also be issued by our publishers Inner Traditions Inc.

3.)  I have never met Farouk Hosni, nor ever attempted to give him a DVD/video of any kind. I also confirm that I am a Belgian citizen (born in Egypt in 1948).

The false allegations “American book attributes Egyptian civilization to Jews’ and that my parents were ‘Belgian Jews’ from Alexandria, are clearly intented by those two Egyptian ex-ministers as well as the Al Ahram newspaper to arouse against my person (and my co-author Ahmed Osman) public sentiment in Egypt and indeed everywhere else where Anti-Semitism and Anti-America is rife. This is especially the case for Egypt today.

Baptism certificates of Robert Bauval, father (Gaston) and mother (Yvonne):

baptismrb1b220w.jpg baptismgaston1b220w.jpg baptyvonne1b220w.jpg



Christian Baptism Certificate of my father, Gaston Bauval, born in Alexandria in 1905

Christian Baptism Certificate of my mother, Yvonne Gatt, born in Alexandria 1915

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