Zahi Hawass Ranting on the Jews

In the front page of the top Arabic daily newspaper Al AHRAM (April 12, 2012 issue), Zahi Hawass, ex-Minister of Antiquities in Egypt, and Farouk Hosni, ex-Minister of Culture, claimed (falsely) that ‘An American book attributes Egyptian Civilization to the Jews’. This book, written by myself  & Ahmed Osman (Breaking the Mirror of Heaven,  publishers Inner Traditions Inc.) will be published on August 15, 2012. Hawass further claimed (falsely) that my parents were ‘Belgians Jews’ from Alexandria —a claim clearly intended to be derogatory, implying that being a ‘Jew’ explains the reason for me writing this book (as an act of ‘vengeance’) and that, in any case, being a ‘Jew’  I cannot be believed.

In response to this, I has shown proof on my Blog that such claims are untrue. My parents were Catholic Christians, and they were baptised (as I was) in the churches in Alexandria. See here:

It is not the first time that Zahi Hawass has used the ‘Jews’ to try and discredit his opponents. Since 1991 Hawass has played this ‘Jews’ card against his opponents. In 2009 Hawass went as far as accusing the Jews of ruling the world and controlling the USA.

See here:

Hawass’s and Hosni’s many tirades about the ‘Jews’ are well known. One only has to do a search on Google to find a plentiful supply.

But the amazing irony is that Hawass’s recent outburst evoking ‘Jews’ and his obvious desire to show that he ‘protecting Egyptian civilization’ against ‘Jews’ may, in fact, be a smoke screen to his own very involved relationship with American Jews  –something that today in Egypt would definitely not go down well in the present political climate. It is well known in academic circles that Hawass obtained his PhD in America (at the University of Pennsylvania) with his tutor and a ‘reader’ of his thesis being Dr. David Silverman, who is Jewish (two other readers were Dr. David O’Connor and Dr. William Kelly Simpson). Dr. Silverman, Dr. O’Connor and their  university, have been granted long-tern concessions in Egypt by Hawass, and Hawass and Dr. Silverman have collaborated on many projects and even wrote a book together. It is also well-known that Hawass has ‘facilitated’ the Edgar Cayce Foundation of America to work at the Giza Pyramids many times, and that the principal funders were Joseph Jahoda and Joseph Schor, two promiment Jewish American businessmen.

See here:

Let it be very clear to everyone that I do not hold any anti-Semitic sentiments whatsoever. And I do not consider it either a detriment or an advantage to collaborate on projects with Jews  –or Christians or Muslims for that matter. Indeed religion, as far as I am concerned, does not and should not be a factor at all in Egyptology or any other endeavour. But we may wonder what Zahi Hawass is playing at by constantly attacking his opponents by labelling them  ‘Jews’. There is, excuse the pun, something not quite Kosher about his behaviour.

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