The ‘Star of David’ and the Sphinx

The two prominent American businessmen, Joseph Jahoda and Joseph Schor, a self-declared Zionist, had been members of the Edgar Cayce Foundation since 1951 when they were in their teens, and from that time developed an obsession to find the so-called ‘Hall of Records’ that Cayce had predicted was under the Sphinx of Giza. In later life Jahoda became the head of Astron Corporation dealing in electronics, and Schor got a PhD in Chemistry at the Florida State University, and eventually became vice-president and major shareholder of Forest Laboratories in New York.

In 1976-9 Jahoda directed, on behalf of the Edgar Cayce Foundation several expeditions at Giza to search for the ‘Hall of Records’. Zahi Hawass, along with Mark Lehner (the Edgar Cayce Foundation representative in Cairo) were directly involved in helping obtain the Permits from the Egyptian Antiquities Organization (EAO; later in 1995 called the Supreme Council of Antiquities [SCA]). Hawass and Lehner also worked on these expeditions. The search for the ‘Hall of Records’ was unsuccessful. But in 1994 Jahoda decided to try again, this time with the collaboration of his old friend Joseph Schor.

The Schor Foundation was created by Joseph Schor in 1994 for the purpose of getting a permit from the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) to work at Giza to search for the ‘Hall of Records’. In May 1996 the Schor Foundation teamed up with the Florida State University (Schor was an alumni and a donor to the FSU Foundation) and, with the help of Zahi Hawass, they were granted a permit by the SCA. The image here attached show the logo of the Schor Foundation in 1996. It can be seen that a ‘Star of David’ has been added to the logo at the centre of the crossed-keys. The ‘Star of David’ is a well-known symbol of Judaism and used also by the World Zionist Organization. Why would Joseph Schor want to display this logo for his expedition at Giza? Could it have something to do with the fact that his wife, Laura (Strumingher) Schor, was the Executive Director of the Women Zionist Organization of America (Hadassah)? Joseph Schor died in July 2013, so we may never know…


The Schor Foundation logo, for the 1996 expedition at the Sphinx in search for the ‘Hall of Records’


Dr. Joseph Martin Schor directing operation at the Sphinx in 1996 (courtesy Boris Said)


Dr. Joseph Schor directing operations at the Sphinx. Joseph Jahoda is the man with white hair. (courtesy Boris Said)

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