Christian-fundamentalists And American Zionists Tampering With the Sphinx?

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Lambert Dolphin, a retired American scientist, wants to build the ‘Third Temple of Solomon’ on Temple Mount in Old Jerusalem. The trouble is that in order to do that, you would have to demolish some of the most sacred monuments of Islam: the ‘Dome on the Rock’ (Omar’s Mosque) and the Al Aqsa Mosque, not to mention causing World War III.  In 1983 Dolphin caused a huge scandal in Jerusalem when he collaborated with Stanley Goldfoot, a founding member of the fanatical ‘Temple Mount Faithful’, for attempting to conduct explorations on the Temple Mound.

One would think that such a Christian-fundamentalist fanatic would not be allowed anywhere near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem or, for that matter, near any other national monument in the Middle East. Yet as incredible as it may sound, Lambert Dolphin was allowed to work for several years on the Giza Plateau where, as Director of the Stamford Research Institute (SRI), he supervised the drilling of several boreholes around the Sphinx and even sent seismic shockwaves through the Sphinx’s body. The Chief Inspector of the Egyptian Antiquities at Giza was Zahi Hawass who collaborated with Lambert Dolphin between 1977-1980. Hawass was assisted in this activities by Mark Lehner, then the representative of the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Cairo. Directing the drilling and engineering activities was Joseph Jahoda, an ‘Christian fundamantalist’ business man. Later in 1996, Zahi Hawass collaborated with Joseph Jahoda and Dr. Joseph M. Schor, a Zionist Jewish-American businessman who’s “Schor Foundation” was given a five-years renewal exploration permit to do a radar and archaeological investigation at the Sphinx. Jahoda and Schor were long-time members and principal funders of the Edgar Cayce Foundation ‘Egypt Project’ whose mission was to find the ‘Hall of Records’ of Atlantis. Dr. Schor’s’ wife, Laura Schor, served as the Executive Director of the Hadassah, the largest Women Zionist Organization of America, and now a principal member of the Jewish Fund. Dr. Abdel Halim Nour El Din, who was Chairman of the Antiquities at the time, cancelled the Schor Foundation permit when he found out about this ‘covert’ operation. But in 1996 Nour el Din was suddenly ‘fired’, and the Schor Foundation permit was re-activated to allow further seach for the ‘Hall of Records’ till 1998.  


Drilling at the Sphinx 1978-9


The President of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, Hugh Lynn Cayce, at the Sphinx in 1978-1980. Hugh Lynn believed he had been in previous lives a ‘Disciple of Jesus’, ‘an Egyptian king’ and and also ‘a leader in the Crusades’


Zahi Hawass and Mark Lehner at the Sphinx in 1978-9


Mark Lehner resporting at the Edgar Cayce Foundation c. 1979


1978 ‘Sphinx Project’. Hugh Lynn Cayce and Mark Lehner examining a drill hole at the foot of the Sphinx




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