St. FRANCIS of Assisi or St. FRANCIS Javier? New Pope takes the name of Francis I

Pope FRANCIS I. Everyone immediately assumed, probably wrongly, that the new Pope chose this name because of Francis of Assisi being himself humble, loved animals etc… But it has been pointed out that the new Pope is also a Jesuit, and the first ever Jesuit to become Pope. So why would he choose a name from the Franciscan Order when he is himself from the Jesuit Order? The answer may be that one of the co-founders of the Jesuit Order was called Francis (apparently canonized as St. Francis as well in 1622). This was San Francesco Javier, called Severino in Italy. He was one of the seven original ‘soldiers’ priests who, along with Ignazio de Loyola, founded the Society of Jesus/Jesuit Order in 1534.

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