In April 1996 Zahi Hawass, then Director-General of the Giza Pyramids, annouces that ‘secret tunnels’ exists at Giza (see article from Egyptian Gazette 14 April 1996 ‘PYRAMIDS, SECRE…T TUNNELS, PASSAGES).

In May 1996 Dr. Hawass granted a special Permit to the Schor Foundation (apparently a cover for the Edgar Cayce Foundation) to do exploration at the Giza Pyramids. Their secret mission was to find the ‘Hall of Records’/Secret Chambers. One of the Schor Expedition consultant, accoustic engineer Thomas Danley, reported on the 27th July 1997 on the ART BELL SHOW, Coast to Coast, that when he was Giza, he investigated the Relief Chambers in the Great Pyramid and reported that fresh excavation had taken place in the so-called Cavilglia Tunnel on the south wall of the lowest Relief Chamber (Davison’s Chamber).
In June 1996 the Antiquities Chairman, Dr. Abdel Halim nour El Deen, suddenly revoked the special licence of the Schor Foundations. According to Hawass “the Schor Foundation was not following the correct procedure, so I removed their permit”.  As for the debris/broken stones seen by Danley, Hawass, of course, denied that it had anything to do with recent tunnelling but rather claimed that the debris and rumble was from the 1836-7 tunnelling done by Italian explorer Caviglia and Col. Howard Vyse.

In early December 2013 Ossama Karar, and independent researcher from Cairo, demanded that the Ministry of Antiquities (MOA) re-open this case.
On the 17 December 2013 three inspectors from the MOA were sent to examine the Relief Chambers. They reported that the large amount of stone was probably from the placing of a metal staircase (by Hawass in 1996-7). I was told by Ossama Kadar that the police are not satisfied with this conclusion and may soon send another team to investigate.

The plot, as the saying goes, thicken….

See this report of 1997 title “The Great Pyramid Tunnel Mystery” by Randy Koppang: More



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