First Hawass, now Ralph Ellis. Has Ellis also gone mad?

Ralph Ellis,

It has come to my attention that you claimed I wrote a book with the notorious plagiarist Nigel Appleby in 1997/8. have you gone mad? This is outrageous and absolutely not true. I never wrote ANYTHING with Nigel Appleby. Check your facts before making such false accusations. If you have evidence to back this accusation, then I challenge you to show it here. Otherwise you are well advised to retract it. 

[As for  me ‘threatening’ you, this, too, is a load of hooey. The truth is that I negotiated with Random House a publishing deal for you, and if I recall well, they had offered you a very generous advance if you signed a document that you did not hold them responsible for Appleby’s plagiarism of your work. But you thought you could get more out of them, and so refused to sign the document.  Too bad, because you ended up getting nothing at all from them]

You can write to me at: (my e-mail given to Mr. Ellis)

Robert Bauval




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