As it is well known, I have defended Dominique Gorlitz for having been wrongly accused of “damaging” or taking samples of the graffiti Khufu Cartouche in Campbell’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid in April 2013. This was because irrefutable evidence has come to light that the samples (4 scratch marks on the right rim of the Cartouche) were already taken by some unknown person(s) between July 2004 and December 2006. And although Gorlitz is definitely guilty of taking a sample from ANOTHER graffiti hieroglyph (also in Campbell’s Chamber) in April 2013, as well as samples of black soot from the ceiling of the King’s Chamber, he is definitely NOT GUILTY of damaging the Khufu Cartouche, since the first time he went to Egypt was in April 2013.
But things are not so certain with his colleague, Stefan Erdman, who was also with him inside the Great Pyramid in April 2013. Erdmann has been visiting the Great Pyramid since the early 1990s, and obtained many “private visit” permits to do research inside the Great Pyramid and take samples (of stones inside and outside the Great Pyramid), three of which were in the course of the year 2006. Erdmann has provided written affidavits to this effect, but categorically denies that he took samples from Campbell’s Chamber in 2006.
The purpose –or one of the purposes– of Gorlitz and Erdmann of entering the Great Pyramid on a “private permit” in April 2013 was to shoot footage for a TV documentary they intended to produce. This is the reason they took along a camercamen called Jan Gartig. The latter was working for Frank Hofer, a TV documentary producer. Hofer was responsible for making a trailer for the documentary which he published on his website as well as many other host websites. A few weeks ago, in mid-July, it has come to my attention that this trailer (which was taken off the Internet in December 2013) was also accompanied by a text/blurb written by Frank Hofer. This text makes it clear several times that samples were DEFINITELY taken from the Khufu Cartouche! (see link in my next comment below). But if so, this could only have happened between July 2004 and December 2006, making Erdmann (and not Gorlitz) a PRIME SUSPECT. All three men -Erdmann, Gorlitz and Hofer— insist that the text/blurb that came with the trailer and written by Hofer was a “mistake”. I must admit, however, that I find this very hard to believe.
I have to stress that I have not yet met in person either Erdmann, Gorlitz or Hofer. I have, however, had many conversation by skype with Gorlitz. I intend to meet Gorlitz in person in Italy on the 21 August, as we both are attending the same conference in Pescara. My intention, as you can all imagine, is to find out more from him regarding the activities of his colleague Stefan Erdmann in the period from July 2004 and December 2006 i.e. when the Khufu Cartouche was damaged and/or samples were taken from it.
Dr. Zahi Hawass was the last to see the Khufu Cartouche undamaged in July 2004. We also know that he saw and examined the Cartouche AFTER it was damaged in 2006 on several occasions. Yet, amazingly, he did NOT REPORT the damage!The plot, as the saying goes, thickens…Meanwhile here is a statement I had placed on 14 July 2014 on the message board of my colleague Graham Hancock as a record of my suspicions:
Here is the text/blurb put on the trailer “The Cheops Project” written by Frank hofer and posted on the Internet in October 2013 on behalf of Stefan Erdmann and Dominique Gorlitz:
“Who was really behind the construction of the Great Pyramid? With new dating methods Dr. Dominique Goerlitz and the author Stefan Erdmann want to reveal this secret. The new documentary of Frank Hoefer accompanies the two researchers on their examination to Egypt and many experts will give their statements. What is this documentary about? In 1837 the British pyramid researcher Howard Vyse discovered hieroglyphs and the cartridge of Cheops in the relieving chambers of the Great Pyramid that proove him as the principal. The authenticity of this cartridge has been a contentious point for a long time. While egyptologists are confident on the authenticity of the cartridge, Vyse very quickly came under suspicion to have faked it by himself so he can claim the sensational discovery for him. If this can be prooven a lot of questions will be added to the speculations on the builders of the Giza pyramids. While in the past only the correct spelling of Cheops name was in focus during the controversy of the cartridge’s authenticity, Dr.Dominique Goerlitz ( known for the Abora expeditions along the lines of Thor Heyerdahl) and author Stefan Erdmann want to determine it’s validity based on the newest examination and dating methods. A first sample of the cartridge was taken during a first expedition with our camera crew and is now in the hands of a well known institute for lab analysis in Germany. Despite this examination, which shall clarify the age of the cartridge, the amazing differences between the pyramids of Giza and other Egyptian buildings are shown. You will see that builders must have used high-tech to achieve the remarkable amount of precision and that the size and position of the pyramids are no coincidence but planned according to astronomical orbs. A range of experts on egyptology and stone cutting will get their chance to speak. Status of the project and the documentary The research team around Dr. Dominique Goerlitz, Stefan Erdmann and filmmaker Frank Hoefer (NuoViso) is working independently and without and big sponsor in the background. Until now a part of the budget was privately financed. This contains shooting for several days in Egypt as well as examinations of the Great Pyramid and especially the King’s Chamber and the relief chambers. This enabled us to take the samples of the king’s cartridge. Furthermore we stay in contact with a prestigious institute for lab analysis in Germany which shall examine the samples of the cartridge. Many experts and pyramid researchers already have been interviewed or shown their interest. How can you support us? With the elaborate film shootings and the expensive and the hard to get permissions to film in Egypt we could get the important samples (documented). This was privately pre-financed. More financial resources are necessary to bring the documentary to an end in short period of time. Especially the expensive lab analysis of the samples are only possible with a five digit amount of Euros. We also need to shoot additonal footage in Egypt, and last but not least fund the postproduction which contains cost-intensive orders for graphic/animation, composition, recording studio, licenses, color correction and voice actor. Also a transcript and a translation into the English language is planned. We really would like to release the results and the documentary as fast as possible but we need your help for that. Even a privately pre-finance will come to an end. That’s why we are happy about any donation you could give. As a small reward we offer you the opportunity to get your name listed on the official website or in the credits of the movie. You can also pre-order the DVD which will be sent to you after the release. support us at


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