The Edgar Cayce Foundation/Association of Research and Enlightenment (ARE) has had, since 1974, direct or indirect dealing with Zahi Hawass for the latter to assist them, directly or indirectly, to find the so-called ‘Hall of Records’ in the Giza Plateau as predicted in 1932 by Edgar Cayce. Several permits were given for the ARE or its senior members, directly or indirectly, by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) during 1977 to 1998 to this end.
In 1979-80, Hugh Lynn Cayce, the Director of the ARE (and eldest son of Edgar Cayce) made the following claims regarding Zahi Hawass:”I got him a scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania in Egyptology, to get his PhD. I got the scholarship through an ARE person who happened to be on the Fulbright Scholarship Board. He [Hawass] had aided Mark [Lehner] to work at the Sphinx, and I am very appreciative…”

The purpose and/or objective to help Hawass with his higher education in the USA was: “for Hawass to advance within the [Egyptian] government to further his own career and open doors for Hugh Lynn [Cayce]s project, [and] he could do it best on the wing of higher education at an American Ivy League college.”

These claims are made in the biography of Hugh Lynn Cayce: “Hugh Lynn Cayce: About my Fathers Business” by A. Robert Smith, 1988, p. 250.

Zahi Hawass, however, has strongly denied the veracity of these claims (Indeed, when in 1995 the American author John Anthony West exposed these claims to various people, Hawass, through his lawyers, threatened to take legal action for libel and defamation). (see link 1 below)

But if such claims, however, are indeed true, then would such action not fall under the US Department of Justice Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977 (USDOJ/FCPA)? (see link 2 below)

Let us note in passing that the USDOJ/FCPA has, since October 2013, officially opened an investigation for alleged bribery/corruption by the National Geographic Society/Channel involving Zahi Hawass. (see link 3 below)


2009: Lehner and Hawass Drill (Again!) at the Sphinx

Amazingly, in July 2009 Mark Lehner supervised further drillings at the Sphinx, and specifically one under the paws of the Sphinx “on behalf of Hawass.” Using the pretext that they were checking the level of groundwater under the Sphinx, Lehner unabashedly stated, “It’s a good chance to test many ideas, any new-age ideas about secret passages and hidden chambers under the Sphinx.” Working with the University of Cairo, a 10-centimeter-diameter drilling tube was used to punch a hole under the left paw of the Sphinx, going all the way southward to the right paw, the very place that Hugh Lynn Cayce had desperately wanted to inspect back in 1978! Yet with a sarcastic grin on his face, Lehner went on to say, “With all this drilling it should be possible to put to rest all these theories that there is some kind of tunnel or chamber under the Sphinx” (from Heritage Key Video by Sandro Vannini:

It has been reported to me that there was also a drilling contractor employed by the SCA in 2008–2009 to drill with a much bigger machine in the area of the Sphinx, but not too close, in order to pump out the water to bring down the underground water table. I was, in fact, at Giza in 2009 and indeed saw the big drilling machines of this local contractor. So was the drilling of Lehner and Hawass under the Sphinx another direct shot at finding the Hall of Records”? Were the two men closing an old but yet unfulfilled “deal” they had with the ECF? In Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. Membership Newsletter, Ancient Mysteries Feb./Mar. 2009 edited by John Van Auken, the following announcement was made:

NEWS from the FIELD

Zahi Hawass to Drill Under the Sphinx!

by John Van Auken

I met with Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, after he spoke for an hour to our A.R.E. group. He shared that Joe Jahoda, a longtime A.R.E. member, had convinced him to drill under the Sphinx for a chamber. Back in 1997, Jahoda and his partner, Joe Schor, in cooperation with Florida State University, conducted ground-penetrating radar around the Sphinx and found an open area in the bedrock beneath the Sphinx. This opening, possibly a chamber, is 30 feet down and is estimated to be 26 feet wide and 40 feet in length. The Cayce readings identify this chamber as an ante-chamber to the Hall of Records that is off the right front paw of the Sphinx. Jahoda asked if A.R.E. would purchase the special drill necessary to drill at an angle into the limestone bedrock. Kevin Todeschi, CE O of A.R.E., approved the purchase, and our donation “angel,” Don Dickinson, agreed to help A.R.E. with this purchase. Thus, the drill was purchased, crated, and shipped to Egypt. Zahi said that soon after the drill arrives, he’ll get his team together and begin the drilling. It’s exciting news! We are taking a major step toward finding one of Cayce’s three Atlantean record caches. Stay tuned for updates. Source: .pdf



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