“QUACADEMICS”: A term coined By my friend John A. West which should become part of the English language. A good example of quackademic behaviour (other than that of the King of Quacademics Dr. Hawass) was displayed recently by Egyptologist Peter Lacovara regarding the “Khufu Cartouche Affair”. In a typical, almost childish outburst, Lacovara made this comment on the Facebook of another Egyptologist, Kara Cooney :

“This whole thing is just outrageous… A pair of German crackpot followers of chief pyramidiot, Robert Bauval bribed the poor, underpaid guards to sneak in there and scratch off a few samples in order to have them analyzed to ‘prove’ that the cartouche was a ‘forgery’ and that the pyramid wasn’t built by Khufu… Bauval then tried to say that the damage happened earlier, and was done by Zahi Hawass, without a shred of proof. It is time that the Egyptological community stood up and said enough of this nonsense… It is shameful that this has been allowed to be so blown out of all proportion and the media whipped up by people using this story to smear Zahi, get their names in the press and stir up xenophobic resentment against real foreign scholars.”

Well Mr. Lacovara is a bigger Quacademic than I thought! He even sound (almost) like the King of Quacademics himself, his Excellency Doctor Zahi Hawass. So here for Mr. Lacavara’s personal benefit is again the uncontestable, smoking-gun, irrefutable, undeniable, “see with youe own eyes” proof that the samples were scratched off the Khufu Cartouche BETWEEN 2003 and 2006 –which is at least SIX YEARS BEFORE the “crackpot Germans” (to use your own derogarory term) supposedly performed this crime. And which, by the way, makes Zhi Hawass fully responsible since he was the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in 2003-6. As the old saying goes, put that in your pipe (or elsewhere if you wish) Mr. Lacovara,  and smoke it.

Cartouche 2004 2006 2013abaa



And here, too, is a video if you want to see with youe own eyes Hawass actually examining the Khufu Cartouche in 2008… and even showing the scratches where the samples were removed! Go to position 33:00

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