Robert Bauval is an author, lecturer, and Ancient Egypt researcher.

His books include:

The Orion Mystery (co-author Adrian Gilbert) 1994

Keeper Of Genesis (co-author Graham Hancock) 1995

The Mars Mystery (co-author Graham Hancock) 1998

Secret Chamber 1999

Talisman (co-author Graham Hancock) 2004

The Egypt Code Oct 2006

The Master Game (with Graham Hancock) 2010

Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt (with Thomas Brophy PhD) April 2011

Breaking the mirror of Heaven (with Ahmed Osman) 2012

Imhotep the African: Architect of the Cosmos (with Thomas Brophy PhD) 2013

The Vatican Heresy: Bernini and the building of the Hermetic Temple of the Sun (with Chiara Hohenzollern) 2014

Egypt Unveiled: The Quest for Maat (with Ahmed Osman) 2014

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